Bat Adenovirus Symptoms Treatment

As the second largest group of mammals on earth, bats are a reservoir of emerging viruses.

Bat Adenovirus Bt-AdV-TJM

A new bat adenovirus has emerged from DNA testing on droppings by using a bat primary kidney cell line. The adenovirus isolated (Bt-AdV-TJM) seems to have a wide host range, with most human and animal cell lines susceptible. Analysis of the genome indicated 30 genes encoding proteins homologous to counterparts in known adenoviridae. Analysis puts this newly discovered virus in the genus Mastadenovirus. Previous studies based on RNA viruses indicated that bats have the ability to host a number of genetically diverse adenoviridae within a geographic location and taxonomic grouping.

Little is known about possible spread of bat adenovirus from bats to humans, though it appears that the virus is spread among bats by respiratory droplets (aerosolization) and through contact with feces.