Animal Adenovirus

Titi Monkey Adenovirus

The Titi monkey adenovirus (TMAdV) has been identified in a New World Titi monkey, genus Callicebus cupreus.  It is a DNA based virus which can cause death, pneumonia and [...]

Otarine Adenovirus

Adenovirus in aquatic mammals (otarine adenovirus) is poorly understood. Otarine Adenovirus 1 has been isolated and shown to cause a fulminant hepatitis with fatality in sea [...]

Equine Adenovirus Symptoms

The equine adenovirus is present worldwide. It is a DNA virus from the Adenoviridae group. For the most part it is sub-clinical but exists in the upper respiratory tract of [...]

Bat Adenovirus Symptoms Treatment

As the second largest group of mammals on earth, bats are a reservoir of emerging viruses. Bat Adenovirus Bt-AdV-TJM A new bat adenovirus has emerged from DNA testing on [...]