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Adenovirus Structure and Function

Study of adenoviridae as models of viral-cellular interactions and as gene vectors has been ongoing for over 50 years, and analysts have defined most of the functions of [...]

Recombinant Adenovirus

Recombinant adenoviruses are an important part of the research and development of new vaccines. Here are some important facts about recombinant adenoviruses. What Is A [...]

Oncolytic Adenovirus Research

Oncolytic adenoviridae are human adenoviruses that have been genetically manipulated in such a way as to allow for replication in tumor cells to destroy the tumor. [...]

Ebola Vaccine Using Adenovirus

The Ebola virus has caused more than 8500 deaths in West Africa. This is an international public health crisis that may require an effective vaccine to contain. No major [...]

Adenovirus Classification

The adenovirus is highly contagious and often infects the upper respiratory tract in humans.  The virus can cause many different conditions such as conjunctivitis, ear [...]

Adenovirus Replication

Adenoviruses have double stranded linear DNA. The basic proteins are virally coded, but do not use cellular histones to coat their viral DNA. They are icosahedral with fibers [...]

Adenovirus Infection Protocol

Adenoviruses are clusters of DNA that contain viruses. These DNA groups trigger respiratory disease, and they even cause people to develop one form of the common cold. [...]

Adenovirus Ebola Vaccine cad3 Ebo

The year of 2014 will unfortunately go down in history as the year of the Ebola virus. America witnessed its first Ebola casualty on homeland soil, and the virus wreaked [...]

Adeno Associated Virus

AAV or Adeno Associated Virus is a virus that is not currently known to cause disease. The virus’ lack of infection causing ability is further strengthened by the fact [...]