Chicken Pox

Most of us have had the Chickenpox virus when we were kids. The itchy red spots kept us in misery for about a week. The disease is airborne and passes through
the droplets created by the coughing and sneezing of someone who is infected with the virus.

Chickenpox takes 10 to 21 days to form after coming in contact with someone who is infected. Symptoms of the virus are headache, sore throat and nausea.
With children the first symptom that occurs is often a rash followed by malaise and a fever. The virus typically is not deadly, although it affects adult men
more severely than adult women or children. Infection rates are extremely high at 90% of those who come in contact with an infected individual.

Treatment for the virus includes staying home to prevent infecting others; you may want to wear gloves over your hands to prevent scratching. Cutting your
fingernails is recommended as well. Try adding a little bit of vinegar or oatmeal to your bath to help relieve the itchiness of the virus.

Calamine lotion is helpful to stop itching and using it may help prevent scarring from pock marks. The Chickenpox virus takes approximately 4 to 7 days to
subside and leave the body.

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